Question: what causes mood swings

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  1. So many factors! Hormones, tiredness, time of day, hunger, thirst. A combination of many things will determine your mood and if something changes your mood might too. I am not aware of us having a better handle on this than that yet,


  2. Hi Shaunm,

    Essentially a person’s mood is a function of chemicals in the brain. So the variation in moods we see is due to the changing brain chemistry.

    The brain chemistry changes due to a number of factors, the things we eat, the amount of stress we are under, the amount of rest we have had, the time of day, past events and experiences and the current experience taking place.

    But a mood swing is a slightly different thing. It is an extreme and rapid change in mood. These types of mood swing can be a result of psychological disorders which are ultimately due to a chemical imbalance in the brain, lack of or an inefficient amount of normalising hormones (these flatten out the changes in mood), or extreme events.