Question: Have you ever came close to a cure of a disease?

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  1. Hi Sara97,
    The goal of the labs I worked in were to create vaccines and antibiotics to treat bacteria disease. My role in that was to work out how one bacteria protein did its job because knowing that would help us design an antibiotic. I have since left but the lab is getting closer to taking my work to the point where a drug might be discovered. It’s very exciting but I have only had a very small part to play.


  2. Hi Sara97,
    No, I have never come close to the cure of a disease. I’m not actually involved with medical research, though.
    I did do some work looking at understanding how some cytochrome P450 enzymes in the bacterium (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) that causes the disease tuberculosis (TB) work, but this wasn’t actually looking for a way to cure the disease. We did learn more information about how those enzymes work, so in future it could be possible to come up with a new drug treatment for this disease if ways to block these enzymes from functioning properly can be developed. The work that I did on the chemistry side of things could help in the long run in the development of new treatments – like James said, I may have played some small part, too.