Question: Could you give me some tips of how to be an entomologist?

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  1. Hi Ghosthunter,


    At the moment, get yourself a guide book of Australian insects and start looking at the ones that live in your yard. Stat to learn about the ones we have in Australia and how they help or hinder humans.

    If you come to Canberra, get your parents to take you to the CSIRO entomology department, I am pretty sure they still run tours. That is a lot of fun.

    As you go through school, study and do well at all the sciences as it is better if you have an understanding of biology, physics, and chemistry.

    Entomology is a very interesting field because there are so many species of insect and their relationships are very fascinating.

    Here is a good website for you that will give you some more ideas.



  1. Dustin has some great advice. I would add that you shouldn’t close yourself off to other possibilities just because you like entomology now. Keep your options open and just keep studying what you enjoy the most. I went to uni to become a nuclear physicist and came out a microbiologist because as I studied I found I liked this stuff more.


  2. thanks Dustin