Question: how much are chimpanzes like humans

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  1. Hi Crazychimp

    This is an interesting question, and you could ask how much are humans like chimps?

    In evolutionary terms, they are our closest living cross species relative who we shared a common ancestor about 6 million years ago. So think about you and your brother or sister, your common ancestor would be your parents. Well the same sort of thing happens between two species, there is going to be a species that is common to both of the new ones sometime in the past.

    Genetically, well this can be a bit misleading. We are about 98-99% similar in gene sequence, but this doesn’t mean gene expression. So depending on how we calculate genetic similarities we could say we are between 85-95% similar.

    We are different in some pretty important ways, especially linguistically. Our speech looks to be one of our major differences that set us apart.