Question: Dear Scientists, If you had 1 million dollars toward your area of expertise what would you do with it? Thanks, twright1

  1. Only a million? That will not get me very far. I would probably advertise to employ a good mid-career researcher for about 5 years and give them what would be left after paying their salary to support their research (that would be about $200,000 – $40,000/yr for 5 years).


  2. Good question twright1.
    I would stage a big publicity stunt somewhere very public and use it to do some science communication. An example of this was a group that put a decontamination tent outside a big music festival in England. People walked through this HUGE tent and in the process looked at a lot of science stuff before entering the concert. I would try and organise it to follow around the Big Day Out or something like that.


  3. Hey twright1.
    I’m with Steven on this one. Research is an expensive game so any money available to help move our projects further along would be most welcome. If you like, I’ll send through bank details so you can deposit directly! Thank you for your generosity! 😉


  4. Hi twright1,

    Good question. I would probably give a lot of the money toward other really good projects in my field and request that I work with them as there are bound to be people that know what to do with the money more than me.

    Then with left over funds I would use it to promote science to the public.


  5. Hi twright1,
    I would probably use the money to make sure that I had access to lots of chemicals and instruments. I’m a student at the moment, so I would probably want to find a job working for someone like Chris or Steven as the next step in my career. I guess if I had my own million dollars then I could ask whoever I want to work for anywhere in the world to let me come and work for them, without them having to worry about paying me! 🙂