Question: how did the big bang accour

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  1. Hi Addzyy69

    Thank you for the question but this is far from my area of science.
    The best I can do for you is relay what other people have found on this topic. Lawrence Krauss, a cosmologist (someone that studies this sort of thing), has just written a book entitled ‘A universe from nothing’.

    In that he talks about how it appears that what caused the big bang are quantum fluctuations. Quantum fluctuations are where virtual particles pop into and out of existence. It is suggested that ‘nothing’ is actually unstable, and so the reason why we have something rather than nothing is because if you have nothing you inevitably get something.

    It is a very interesting question which appears to have opened up more questions, pointing to such ideas as the multiverse – where we are just one universe among an infinite number of universes.

    Here is a short video of Lawrence Krauss talking about it because he does a much better job than me.


  2. I’ve answered this one a couple of times. You might look back over some of my other posts.



  1. At this stage I think it’s just one of those things we cant quite see but can make theories about. From what I understand that is why the Large Hadron Collider was built, to try and simulate some of the early stuff that happened in the Big Bang.