Question: Is it true that jupiter sends out radio signals

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  1. Yes it is. Jupiter is a very strong source of radio emission over a wide range of frequencies. Jupiter has strong magnetic fields surrounding it, and electrons get trapped in this region, known as the radiation belts. Radio telescopes can see this emission very well. In fact, because Jupiter rotates quite quickly, it is possible to makes images of the radiation belts and then reconstruct the three dimensional structure of the belts. This has actually been done with an Australian radio telescope: Apart from the direct emission from the radiation belts, low radio frequency emission bursts can be observed between the frequencies of ~10 MHz and ~40 MHz (for comparison, the FM frequency band is between 87 and 108 MHz). Turns out these bursts are due to an interaction between Jupiter’s magnetic field and one of Jupiter’s moons, called Io. Io is an extreme environment and causes disturbances of Jupiter’s magnetic field that increase the chances that radio bursts occur. It is a very simple project to build a small radio telescope that can monitor these low frequency bursts of radio emission from the Jupiter – Io interaction. Here is some information:



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  3. Saturn also sends out radio signals. The deep space museum in Canberra has a recording of them that you can listen to.
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